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Image by Samuel Regan-Asante


A Psychedelic Love Story

A rock band is hired to record the soundtrack to an indie romance movie only to discover their music is mysteriously altering the story-line of the film. Fiery ex-lovers Tabatha and Miles square off and trade licks when it becomes clear that each has the power to influence the outcome of the story. But the consequences of failing could mean life and death. What follows is an existential battle of the bands as each scrambles to not only determine the movie character's fate - but their own.


Based on the critically-acclaimed multimedia rock show, the film is scheduled for released in 2024

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Parallel Worlds: A Psychedelic Love



With the plug about to be pulled on his late night talk show after a fifteen year run, and his wife engaged in a steamy affair with a pro baseball star, host Jack West is desperate - to keep aflame his fading celebrity, and avenge the misdeeds of his adulterous spouse. With the clock ticking, Jack concocts the mother of all media stunts, killing two birds with one unforgettable stone on the road to redemption. The scheme entangles an eclectic collection of colorful locals navigating their way through unpredictable twists and turns. A plump private eye teams with a macabre webmistress to investigate the strange disappearance of a dead body. A glassy-eyed cheddar head falls prey to a phony get-rich-quick guru. Imperiled actors embark on a quest for a fresh corpse. Cops in costume, a peculiar special effects make-up team, porn stars with dreams of stardom, a Jewish drug lord with very large brothers, Russian mobsters and others converge in this unique roller-coaster ride of comedy, mystery, murder and mayhem through the underbelly of modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

WINNER BEST PICTURE First Glance Film Festival, Los Angeles HD Fest. Invited to over 40 international film festivals. 

"Laugh out loud funny!" -

"A joyride of a dark comedy." - Florida Times


Get Back


Operation Midnight Climax
Sex, Drugs & the CIA 


While most Americans were watching Leave it to Beaver and listening to The Everly Brothers, an eclectic group of CIA operatives were spiking each other's coffees with LSD, throwing decadent parties and hiring prostitutes to slip unsuspecting johns drug-laced drinks in order to observe every stoned and kinky moment from behind two-way mirrors.

And this was only when they weren't dreaming up the next far reaching "official" application for this new, all-powerful, mind blowing drug - a drug that would ironically fuel the counter-culture over a decade later. Coincidence? Maybe not.

OPERATION MIDNIGHT CLIMAX is currently in development as a feature film. 



Around the world, a handful of seemingly random strangers begin experiencing an unpredictable phenomenon that causes them to BACKTRACK a brief moment into the past. It becomes clear that each Backtrack is meant to uncover pieces of an elaborate puzzle, clues to a world-wide mystery that is unfolding with greater and greater urgency. Our characters come to realize that they aren’t alone: there are others experiencing the Backtracks, and each holds a key to not only preventing the looming technological apocalypse but in preparing the way for a new stage of human advancement.



CONVERGENCE is a TV Series in development with writer/composer Tony Tisdale and ABC's THIS IS US writer/producer K.J. Steinberg. 

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